We’re moving — come on along!

After three years, it’s time to say goodbye to this blog. However, don’t fret — it’s just moving to a new place, and taking all the furnit …uh, posts along with it.

I’ve been tardy in getting this finally done, but I’m running my own show at stoneupdate.com. It’s a completely new website, independent from my former work at Stone Business and Architectural Stone & Landscape Design magazines.

You’ll still get the same up-to-the-minute coverage you’ve received for years. (That includes the new Marmomacc/StonExpo deal, signed today in Italy.) There isn’t much in gee-whiz supergraphics or online games like Fingerbit Fanatic; it’s a simple design to give you the information you want and need.

And, you’ll still see this blog — something,that, with the Facebook and Twitter sites for Stone Business, I’ve done on my own time all along, BTW — but with a new name. WordPress assures me that you’ll see it soon at stoneupdate.wordpress.com.

The U.S. Postal Service has the Internet beat in one way; when you change your snail-mail address, you fill out one card. Online, it’s a host of functions (along with the usual people offering concierge services in exchange for a fee and all your user name/passwords).

So, here’s a quick moving guide:

Website: www.stoneupdate.com

Email: emerson@stoneupdate.com

Twitter: @stoneupdate (If you subscribed through @stonebizmag, you’re already getting the new timeline.)

Facebook: Link is here. (This one is really traumatic, going from more than 1,900 Likes to 0, because Facebook won’t allow you to change the name of a fan page. Please do me a large favor and click the “Like” button on this page.)

New place, independent ownership, same great service. Come on along!


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