Just who is this guy, anyway?

Emerson Schwartzkopf is editor of the Stone Update webpage, and formerly with Stone Business and Architectural Stone & Landscape Design.  His career as a trade-magazine editor stretches back into the latter years of the Carter Administration, covering industrial graphics technologies. He began covering the stone trade in 2002.

Schwartzkopf is a 1979 graduate magna cum laude in journalism from  Metropolitan State College in Denver. His work has appeared in such titles as Sign Business, Screen Graphics, Digital Capture, Signs of the Times, Digital Graphics, Specialty Fabrics Review, InTents, The Press, Awards & Engraving, Western Business and European Sign Magazine. (He also managed to get one letter printed in Rolling Stone in 1981.)

Schwartzkopf resides year-round in Palm Springs, Calif., in a location where he can (with binoculars) see the houses of millionaires. His hobbies include the collection of 1970s-era movies and attempting to balance his bank account. He is also an avid fan of Formula 1 motor racing and the broadcasts of Vin Scully.


4 responses to “Just who is this guy, anyway?

  1. Emerson,

    I will be reading as much as you can produce. You da’ man!

  2. Emerson,

    I read your post from August, 2008, regarding the Tomb Monument and could not agree more.

    You might be interested in taking a look here http://ronbaileyphotography.wordpress.com


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